Confined Space (Safety)

Confined Space (Safety)

Length of course:  2 days and worth 20 credits.

The 16 hours Confined Space  class features lectures, demonstrations, and activities will actively involve the student in the learning process and to help you become confident in your ability to use what you learn. The JATC has built a Confined Space Mock-up for use in the Hands-on workshops. This will give you the opportunity to practice putting on, wearing, and decontaminating protective equipment, as well as all the aspects of Confined Space Work.

The course Contents includes:

  • Properties & Definitions of Confined Spaces
  • Atmospheric Hazards of Confined Spaces
  • Air Monitoring
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Communication Equipment for Confined Spaces
  • Isolating the Permit Space for Entry .Ventilating Confined Spaces
  • Entrants, Attendents & Supervisors
  • OSHA Permit System and the Entry Permit
  • Retrieval & Rescue From Confined Spaces

OSHA Standards for Confined Space


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